Trailer Love 4 Britland


As a resident of Fall River and over the four years I have lived here, there has been a personal connection with my life. Statistics say homelessness has raised dramatically this year and since the pandemic started it’s gotten worse. I myself have experienced lack of stability and as for many of us that don’t get the proper support in this. Growing up my mother did what ever to make sure my sister and I were always well fed and had a place to sleep. If we had to stay at a shelter for two months, a week to a year we did that. We had family who would help us, that i am grateful for. Although our city governed and city councils do the best they can, I still feel like we need to do better. Britland park trail is we’re I first experienced my encounter with a homeless stranger their, it’s also we’re I have seen helpless individuals. Some in not so good conditions.

The majority experience lack of housing solutions , lack of health support , fear of discrimination, mental health issues, or drug abuse.Love 4 Britain’s reminds me of my child hood and seeing observing those who dealt with mental health issues. Going from shelter to shelter and never really getting the help we needed. Those on a waiting list for detox and shortage of bedrooms now in shelters has also become a significant problem. Those recovering from drug abuse after treat and being sober get put on a wait list. At this time what one needs is a friend or family suppprt system but what if you count on family ? People have expressed their needs to do what ever it takes now in order to get into a treatment program. We need a better solution. In hopes of raising awareness for the homeless in my community and in major city’s all over the u world. I believe Love 4 Britland is an open door to inspire and uplift and support homelessness as we look at it in an organic and healthy way. This perspective will find us reflecting more on we’re we are heading rather than where we are now. A journey to discovering a new way of life.


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