Official Selection Pertosa Grotte Soulplace Film Festival


As a creator and formal partnership with God I have had the graceful opportunity to see how miracles work. Recently, my short film “Love 4 Britland” was chosen as best Narrative Short for Pertosa Auletta Grotte Soulplace Film Festival. I am by far  greatful for their hospitality and interest in my project. Although I wasn’t able to attend the film festival I have so many more amazing festivals ahead of me lined up that I know I’ll be able to network and experience a few of them. My job as a story teller /director and producer has just begun. The journey is looking bright and I can’t wait to see what else will become. 

“Love 4 Britland” is significantly apart of todays society and attributes against the inadequate housing solutions and sheltering subject to the cause of homelessness. Although many homeless people refuse to gain help and many are asked to be placed in rehabilitation centers there still isnt enough rooms for the amount people who are homeless. We do however have the resources to our hands and recently mayor Paul Coogan humbly took action and helped many people but what the really problem is people’s mental health. Love 4 britland is a short film in a different light, perspective in the rise of bringing hope and awareness about homelessness. 
A drama/ comedy but with insightful storytelling, tone, character and an observational analysis.  

As a Registered behavioral therapist I have also learned to use one out of many observation skills to bring forth my vision and technical abilities to create this short film and I can’t wait to see what a full blown film would look like. In efforts to continue to develop my artistic visionary style I’m working towards fulfilling my purpose behind the scenes. Working closely with my daughter, Alynah as the character Priscilla has alarmed me that time is endless and although the road to success may seem daunting I have my children who love me and support me. They learn frequently and face challenges as much as I do but they’re teachable and good listeners. If there’s one qoute I’d leave with all of my readers it’ll be this one that struck out to me the moment I recieved the news as award winner, “ Your life is like a tool box, God puts away our tools to organize, carry, & protect  the owners tools.”
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- Jaritza Lopez Xo