Jaritza Lopez is a versatile Latin-American actress, professional singer/songwriter, model, and philanthropist. Radiating from the state of Massachusetts , Jaritza recieved professional development training in acting and modeling at VIP Ignite. She completed VIP 30x coaching in 2020, and entered VIP Talent Summer Search in 2021, and recieved acting training renowned and esteemed acting coaches including award-winning writer and filmmaker Richard Stratton, known for A&E's Gotti: God Father and Son, Comedian Mark Christopher  Lawrence ( The Pursuit of Happynes, Starring Will Smith), Randy J. Goodman ( The Show Girlfriends as Davis on Season 1), Ally Grant, Alysia Joy Powell (Judas and The Black Messiah), Monique Coleman ( High school Musical 2), Dominique Laruffa (Once upon a time in Brooklyn), and among many more.

A Native to Fall River, Jaritza's passion for acting at a tender age became her ultimate dream. She starred in High school play adaptation Footloose and had since propelled her artistry to new levels. She gained much experience in the entertainment industry and seizing every opportunity , Jaritza took on the role as a Brand manager at Actors Jump Start in the beginning of 2022 for Kendall Alexander. As Jaritza has been Developing and refining her Skills in 2022 through Actors jump start this is still the beginning to re creating herself as an overall artist. Jaritza kicked off 2022 with becoming a member to the firm and auditioned for Ked Ludwig's Baskerville and Sherlock Holmes Mystery, at the Little Theater of Fall River. She was also offered to volunteer as the Stage Technician. Working behind the scenes to ensure all props, lighting, set-up, sound placement and other help was needed to for the stage performance.

Transitioning from social sciences to arts and entering entertainment, not mentioning her four years of training in fashion designing jaritza says, " Never let anyone tell you, you are not knowledgeable enough or ill-qualified. God doesn't use the one who has it all together. My intent is to service but to work my hardest and stay determined to help myself and then bring value to those who may need my help." Turning her dreams into reality, Jaritza's fervent drive for acting and music will spread joy  and positivity into the lives of others continues to blossom vivaciously as she crests the pinnacle of her artist journey.